Thinking Out Loud v2

The "Thinking Out Loud" series will be a... blog really, of what the plan is going to be moving forward as we continue this rebuild. I think I have come up with a semi-good solution and I wanted to start building something new so I decided to put it into action.

Thinking Out Loud v2

Thinking Out Loud
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In the previous session of Thinking Out Loud [Thinking Out Loud v1] I talked about needing to do some planning. Well I think I have come up with a semi-good solution and I wanted to start building something new so I decided to put it into action.

Thinking Out Loud

I am still thinking how to name, IP, and VM-ID ([[Proxmox]] Identifications), and previously I mentioned doing something like:

(Norse God)(Server Abbreviation)(Tool)(Instance Number) 
Example: *HELYGSPL01* (Hel)(Yggdrasil)(Splunk)(01)

as a way to name my host and I think that was a good start. In fact I am just going to run with it with a minor change. So first it will be (2 Character Server Abbreviation)(Norse God)(3 Character Tool Abbreviation)(Instance Number). An example would be: YGHELCKO01 for a Cuckoo instance on my Yggdrasil Server. Below I have listed what god associates with what item.

Hel - Utility (Syslog, SEIM, Cuckoo, etc)
Mimir - Critical Homelab Infrastructure (AD, WDS, DC, etc)
Sif - Application (containers, one-off applications etc)
Tyr - Critical Student Infrastructure
Thor - Storage
Midgard - Networking Devices

The main reason I am doing this is for when logs are pumping into the SEIM and I have dashboards, I want to be able to at a glance, know what activity is happening on what server and if I need to work it immediately or if it can wait till the weekend.

So something like YGMIMIRAD01 being at 100% CPU would be something I would need to look into since it is an AD server and Critical Infrastructure as compared to YGTYRAD01 being something that as longs as I don't have students or that they don't have homework on the lab, I don't have to look at right away. Still important, but not a requirement. This will come into play down the line when I finish building a secret project I am working on.

Now that we have names out of the way, how am I going to IP this information. Well, that also ties into Proxmox's VM-IDs. So using that same list, there are some consolidations that need to be made.

Hel - X.X.77.2XX
Mimir - X.X.77.1XX
Sif - X.X.77.0XX
Tyr - 35.0XX Critical Student Infrastructure
Thor, Asgard, Yggdrasil, Midgard (All on the X.X.1.X or X.X.77.X network)

This will be in line with the Proxmox IDs. So for instance, that same YGMIMIRAD01 will be Proxmox VD-ID 100 and for the IP. Now you are looking at SIF and wondering how I am going to make that work with the previous since Proxmox requires VM IDs to start at 100 and the answer is, 3XX or whatever the IP will be. For instance, the main reason that I am writing this out tonight is because I want to follow Network Chuck's Create your own Crypto Currency Video. To do this I will need to create a new VM and since it really is a 1 off application that this will be running that doesn't apply to the rest of the homelab, this will be the information that we need. Name: YGSIFCRP01, IP:, VM-ID, 909. I know this might be confusing, but it does follow a certain logic that helps me and makes sense to me, which is exactly what the planning should be about. What makes sense to you.


So with all of that decided, the next step for me will be how do I want to plan my applications. I know this is a bit overkill, but I want to ensure utilization is optimized a bit for these containers, so I don't want to throw 20 containers on 1 host. Even if I could. Plus I want to work through a couple other things with HA in the future so why not split things up a bit.

Plans for Next Time

[X ] Create Naming Standard
[X ] Create IP Standard
[ ] Create Crypto VM
[ ] Start Organizing current containers to next locations
[ ] Think through DNS entries and placement

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